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1. Press the [Click to Download] button below and then select the directory on your computer where you want to save the installation program.  

2.The file you are downloading will install your new program. Make sure you choose a folder on your hard drive to save the download to, so that you can easily find it again. The name of the file you are downloading is either "soccer.exe", or "plsocc.exe". The easiest place to save the file to, is on your C drive. This will make it very easy to locate later.

If you wish to install the program, directly from our web site, when the box appears with options of "Open" or "Save", select "Open". (Verbiage may vary depending on your browser).

3. If you selected "Save", then once the download is complete, go to the location you downloaded the file to, find coach.exe, click on it, and installation will begin.

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